Thursday, March 10, 2011

Samuji Fall 2011 Look Book

If you are like me, and love embracing feminine silhouettes and button-ups shirts, you'll like Samuji. The Finnish label features casual designs with a quiet elegance. Check out their short little "Inspirations" video clip, here (The girl needs to be taught how to put on lipstick!)
Model: Ellu Arula
Photographer: Nina Merikallio
Stylist: Minttu Vesala


Eun Bie said...

I'm up to date with your blog posts ♥
and I really like the first shirt!
It's so pretty bahaha
I'll be waiting for your new post hehe

Eun Bie said...

I love the shirt in the first picture :))
I am up to date with your blog posts bahahaha
I'll be waiting for your next one ♥

Anonymous said...

i like this label's value and aesthetic!! "kindness" being one of them!

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