Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obssession Du Jour: Orange

It's official. I have orange fever. Ever since I got back from New York (where I stocked up an orange blush, and 4 different shades of orange lipsticks) I've been frustrated at the lack of bright hues offered in the Australian fashion market. Maybe I'll just have to wait another six months for it to pop up. Orange was all over Resort 2011 and Spring 2011 runways, and these lovelies, are already ahead of the game! It has also been popping up in editorials. Orange you glad? Tip: if orange is too daring for you, try burnt orange in your outfit, and peachy orange lipstick for your smackers!
Honestly, how many times have you held up two identical dresses in the dressing room and thought "orange (replace with red/green/yellow) or black?" One more spin in front of the mirror and you're out the door with the black dress because, "it goes with everything" and "I can get more wear out of it". I do it all the time. But this year, scrap that mentality, and look here, be inspired!
Sources: fashionising, the cut, style caster, mr porter

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