Friday, March 18, 2011

Fall from Grace

Four days ago, I fell from my platform wedges (also known as, trucks, or bricks, to my fashion ignorant mates) and I was on my hands and knees. My first response to pain (and let's not forget the humiliation that I face whilst being labelled a 'fashion victim')? Crying out in agony for my two hurt babies. No, not my knee caps suffering from burst capillaries! My damaged jeans and platforms! And last week, I fell from my towering sandals. And once again, it was like my pain nerves somehow extended to my shoes. 
Unfortunately, band-aids and bruises aren't attractive (thought it's worked for a conversation starter with a stranger man on the train). Fortunately, I can use the maxi skirt trend, and socks with sandals trend to my advantage. 
So here's my abrupt conclusion to this post. Not to sound twisted, but we, fashion people are rarely interested in appearing our 'real' height.

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