Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dear Rebecca Black,
It's Friday, fry day, fried eggs,
You murdered my friday.
Any other day would've been fine,
But you screwed up the best day of mine.

Dear beau garcon,
I hate the fact that I don't hate you! You have a gift for humiliating me. Hate it!

Dear footpath-makers, sidewalk designers,
Please make the tiles a little longer or just really short. It's hard to not step on the cracks while still appearing to walk like a normal person.

Dear Universe,
When I muttered, "Could things get any worse?" it was a rhetorical question, not a challenge.

Dear stress-induced weight gain,
You're not helping with the stress.

Dear College,
It's week 3, and I feel I am 10 weeks behind. Why do this to me? It's too cruel.

Dear weight loss commercials,
It's good to know that not only will I lose the rolls, but I will also get a tan and a sexy new hairstyle! And in just 3 months!

Dear 11:11,
You owe me six dates with that cute guy, a snowy day, a shopping spree in New York City, thirteen MacBook Pros, and my lost camera and Marc Jacobs duty-free returned.
Dear man who shared his umbrella with me,
Thank you for your kindness! It was just like in the movies. Except that it wasn't love at first sight.

Dear God,
Help me rediscover you.


Ash said...

hahahahhaha re: rebecca black

Anonymous said...

:D i laughed and smiled.thank you

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