Thursday, August 12, 2010


Dear Pan offsprings,
I am grateful for each and every one of you. It's so bizarre how I crave your company after a few days of seeing you. It's been 5 days and I'm showing withdrawal symptoms. Thank you for checking up on me during the week just to see how I'm doing. By the way, I have been failing our new diet, because I just keep forgetting I'm on a diet.

Dear extremely good looking boy,
You're a jerk. Stop smirking. You make my stage fright multiply by a hundred. You make it hard to pay attention to the lecturer when you are so much more fun to pay attention to.

Dear girl who insisted her sweater was green when it was aquamarine, and my acquaintance-turned-friend,
I had a super long day, but you made the evening the highlight. Thank you for rescuing my A2 portfolio. You two make me laugh so much, I feel like there's no need to exercise.

Dear sonant boy,
I still don't know how our friendship came about. Thank you for always listening to me rambling on, waffling on (mmm... waffles...), venting and whinging - being my drama-queen self. But you tend to mumble on too, or maybe I just need hearing aids.

Dear future husband,
Would a cheek piercing bother you? What a stupid question. You don't care because you're not superficial. You are awesome.

Dear self,
Remove 'busy' and 'stressed' from your vocabulary. Who wants to have a busy friend? Instead, replace it with the words 'full' and 'challenged'. "My plate is full"... "I am feeling challenged"... etc

Dear God,
I will be who I am. Show up for me.

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