Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dear girl with the red heart,
The sun will shine soon. Face the clouds, to find the silver lining. Get well soon.

Dear Mr. Panny Pancakes,
Enjoy New York! New York! But don't have too much of a blast, then you won't want to come back, don't pick up a fake American accent, and look out for Blair Waldorf at NYU!

Dear asian James Franco,
The moment you first opened your mouth I knew you wouldn't be such a good influence. But I think you are, unexpectedly and surprisingly, intelligent, loyal and deep. I just hope on the contrary I can be somewhat of a virtuous influence on you. By the way, quit smoking, and you could have really clear skin like 'extremely good looking boy'.

Dear extremely good looking boy,
I actually have nothing to say to you today. Maybe except that you have beautiful exotic skin.

Dear quiet emo boy,
I quite admire you because you're a lone wolf. I've noticed you've been sporting a 5 O'clock shadow the past two weeks, but  I think you look clean-cut clean shaven.

Dear massive pimple on my face,
Please go away ASAP, as in by tomorrow morning. You're starting to look like the ugly wart on Nanny McPhee.

Dear future husband,
Wherever in the world you are, it's that inter-seasonal time of the year, so be careful of catching a cold, like I did. Layering is the key. By the way, do you like classical music? I hope you do. Then we can turn it on super loud in our house all day.

Dear self,
You really need to cut back your coffee intake. Shaky hands is not a sexy look. Opt for chai lattes.

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