Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dear Billy Blue student,
Why do you keep giving me that funky look? Was it because when we both lost our tutorial class, I left you and went my own way and you ended up coming 1 hour late? Well, sorry. I forgot that we were heading to the same class.

Dear R.e.l,
There is something about you that reminds me of Kate Moss. You have a certain cool effortless 'model-off-duty' look that is a little bit London chic that I admire. Your shoes from Paris are enviable! And I wish my legs were as skinny as yours. I fear mine appear like sausages next to you.
Dear Lulu,
You tug at my heartstrings when I see you sit on the window sill and look out the window all day waiting for your gorgeous, cuddly, ginger and white coated boyfriend. He'll come around. It's been raining these days.

Dear World,
Oh cruel, cruel world. Where is the love? Why are you so hard on me? Why do you discourage me and pull me down the dumps? But I still refuse to conform. 

Dear future husband,
Be bold and courageous. Don't conform to the patterns of this world.

Dear self,
Don't change who you are. Be real. Be passionate. Be glad that no-one is like you. You're special. Be yourself. Although, I realised you are a menace at art galleries; getting told off for doing the wrong things, taking photographs, elbowing Monet's painting (accident!), leaning back on a painting just as you'd lean on a wall (sorry!), and putting your luggage down on a piece of artwork (also accident!). Please don't.


Anonymous said...

dear appelez moi noemie
i thought i would leave a comment for the fun of it.
do u write on this everyday?? is it like a online diary??
anyways just wanted to tell u to keep it up~
good to know whats going through your mind.. and just wanted to tell u.. yes.. you are special :)

stangers said...

ooooooo i should definitely link this to his fb.

NH88 said...

hahahah dissing out JJJ!!!

sameum said...

BTW, your "And I wish my legs were as skinny as yours. I fear mine appear like sausages next to you." directly contradicts your more recent post on the fourteen year old girl.
Just saying :P

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