Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today, we studied the typeface, Helvetica. In the world of type, Helvetica was the supposed endpoint of design. It was designed to be 100-percent emotionally neutral. It caused a revolution, because everything the font touched it modernised. It’s simply one of the most versatile font sets in existence. With a large family (range of weights and styles) it can span applications from industrial signage to fashion brands. The general consensus is that the decision to us Helvetica is one that "lacks creativity", and in many ways it's true, given that it has been so overused, so badly, so often. I don't think I would use Helvetica for absolutely everything. But I think that any design can carry a thoughtful typographic use of Helvetica. I'm not saying Helvetica is the solution, but it’s difficult to deny the font’s usability and longevity. I appreciate Helvetica for it’s pure simplicity and clarity. I love it. Look around you. How many logos do you see that use Helvetica? Until I watched the documentary about the most popular sans-serif font of all time, I never knew this typeface was staring at me everyday from everywhere. Oh, by the way, Ariel is Microsoft's copy-cat version of Helvetica.

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