Monday, September 27, 2010


Dear extremely good-looking boy,
The highlight of the day was when you interrupted our class to talk to the lecturer. Oh em gee, I sound like a real sad case.

Dear Xmasgirl,
You'll be fine. There's a saying that bad things happen in three's. You went through three over the weekend and today, so if that saying is true, anticipate good things to come your way. Now chin up and show off your cute dimples.

Dear R.e.l,
Happy birthday beautiful. I hope you enjoy your birthday surprise tonight. Tell me all about it tomorrow! Or maybe not.

Dear artistic boy that always smells nice,
After 4 years of our friendship, I'm confused and I don't like it. What are you thinking?

Dear Bianca Spender,
We seem to share the same design aesthetic and philosophy. I can't help but gawk at your boutique windows. It must be fortunate that your mum happens to be Carla Zampatti. I heart her dresses too. I plan to invest in one for those fancy occasions.

Dear fashion ignorant,
You cannot say "I set the trends." To set a trend you have to be somebody. Anyways, who are you going to inspire with your bad taste and poor styling?

Dear Mad Men, 
TV series like you ruin my life. I can't get anything done because I'm hooked! Looks like I'll be pulling another all-nighter to do my assessment. 

Dear brother,
I love you when you buy me stuff. Oops, I mean especially when you buy me stuff.

Dear Beethoven,
I'm falling head over heels in love with you and your piano sonatas and piano concertos all over again.

Dear self,
Don't get hot-headed. So many people out there will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say, "Watch me".

Dear God,
You make me feel happy and free.

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Mere said...

You r definitely right! Working hard now : ) love u XX

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