Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dear blue-eyed lone wolf,
I have a feeling a friendship is about to develop. By the why, I noticed your hands were shaking. Addiction or nervous?

Dear Pan offsprings,
You've all joined the gym. Looks like I'm going to be the ultimate fatty amongst you.

Dear sonant boy
Dont worry, I'm a creepy girl nobody is attracted to. And it's not that bad. We can be creepy together. Edward Norton fans unite!

Dear high distinction,
I love you. Please come by more often.

Dear allergy,
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. Please go away and never ever come back. You make my life miserable. I now completely understand exactly how Princess Fiona felt and went through, when she turned into an ogre by night.

Dear mummy,
Oh mummy dear, why is it that every time I tell you a funny story it turns out to be a life lesson from you?
Dear future husband,
Just warning you I look like a monster when allergy breaks out. But I don't worry because you're not superficial. You fell in love with my unique personality. Just let me eat ice-cream and watch DVD in my underwear until I fully recover.

Dear God,
Wow. That is all.

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