Saturday, September 25, 2010

Model: Emily Page

I work with this stunning beauty on a weekly basis. Considering she is a fashion model, I was initially surprised at how down-to-earth she was. This girl makes me laugh out loud, has an obsession with red dresses, and her legs really do go up to her arm pits. The only downside to knowing Emily personally is that she makes me look and feel like an overweight dwarf. Keep an eye out for this one!



Emily Page said...

Aww thank you that is so lovely for you to say that about me... You are no dwarf (so stop being so silly- you always look so fantastic in everything you wear!!) you are a lovely person and i enjoy our Saturdays in the shop, we are such an amazing team!!
Thanks for putting in my post-it !! lOl i still have no idea how you got a pic of that cos i thought i had thrown it away (as i do with everything in my OCD cleans =D )
See you next week Bella xox

vintageglam1234 said...

Hi There!
I'm a friend of Emily's. I think she's awesome, and so down to earth for a super gorgeous model! She looks amazing in anything eh?
I will dedicate a post to emily soon too!
Check out my blog:

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