Friday, July 23, 2010

Male Favourite: Dan Kling

Male-models are a bit under-represented. So here, I introduce to you a recent discovery. Dan Kling, is up there on my favourite male models list. He might actually be my favourite! The moment I first laid my eyes on him, I was intrigued by his stark, oddball beauty. I seem to be drawn to certain types of models - tall, slender, juvenile jawline, feline features, long neck (and a protruding adam's apple in male-models). Like how every designer has a certain 'look' they like when it comes to model castings. Dan Kling is a Swedish 16 year old from Major Paris. He is a musician in an indie-rock band Go Fly a Kite. Clearly, there's something about musician slash model thing we can't get enough of. Or it's just me. Still a fresh face, Dan has stirred up something of a frenzy amongst international agencies wanting to sign him up.
Name: Dan Kling
Date of Birth: April 5 1993
Height: 189cm / 6'2.5"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Place of Origin: Falun, Sweden
Agency: Major Paris

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christina said...

He's incredibly gorgeous <3

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