Thursday, July 29, 2010

Checklist for the New and Improved Me

  • read more
  • sketch more
  • public speaking
  • always hunting and gathering inspiration
  • always carry a diary
  • be more acquainted with articles, journals, news, opinions, prints, digital, web, video, film etc.
  • stop reading for pleasure (don't think I will have time anyway)
  • cease communicating normally - speak like a designer
  • become a 50's housewife, minus the housework and husband (organised, multi-tasking, perfectionist, determined, high-maintenance, well-groomed, and merry)
  • work on building character - patience, gentleness, love, faithfulness, goodness, joy, self-control, peace, kindness
  • no eating after 10pm
  • try to blink less. At least try. If I can remember.
  • stop staring at the back of the head of that extremely good looking jerk during lecture and pay attention.
  • eat fruit more. Once a month isn't enough.

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