Friday, July 2, 2010

Girls Who Likes Boys

As a woman - one thing I envy about men's fashion is that it doesn't radically change. The style subtly adjust overtime allowing a stylish man to really enjoy the currant trends. In me, lives a few people and animals, but one sharp, urban and dandy 26 year-old male is quite dominant, (along with Laura-Ashley, my classy, romantic and delicate 42 year-old distinctly European woman). He comes through in the way that I dress. I become the 'me version of him' if that makes sense. He also manifests himself in the way I style. When I design, sometimes I design for him, and/or my inspiration comes from him. My colleagues have gotten to know him a little (he tends to show up once in a while), and say I should really name this guy! I think when I come across a particular name, I'll just know it'll be the right name suited for him. I'll let you know.
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P.S. Oh, and one lesson I learnt from these inspiring street styles: men look better in colder climate. Noticed that?

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sam said...

Bahaha! Totally true~
I guess women like men in layers.. men just wanna run around in their boxers if you just let them!

Can't believe I just spent a whole night going through your blog~

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