Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paths to Abstraction

"Even in canvases where colour did not yet blaze openly, the stroke quivered, simmered, darted in all directions, spilled over the outlines of forms, seethed, scattered itself, whirled, melted and abruptly broke off. Abandoned to the maenads of colour, the realistic image was torn to tatters." - Pierre Schneider

So, a couple of days ago, I paid a $5 visit to the Exhibition of Abstraction at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I particularly liked the transition from Impressionism into Abstraction - fifty years that changed the course of art forever. The exhibition featured individuals who experimented with colour and form, and explored new and exciting ways of seeing and imagining. I'd say I made quite a few brilliant discoveries! My visit was also made more enjoyable having an eye-candy who I kept looking at (in appreciation), he was another work of art! Here were some of my favourite pieces. You will probably recognise a few.

Claude Monet
France 1840-1926
Stacks of Wheat (End of day, Autumn)
Oil on Canvas

Pierre Bonnard
France 1867-1947
At the Theatre
Colour Lithograph

Gabriele Munter
Germany 1877-1962
Village Street in Winter
Oil on board mounted on wood

Patrick Henry Bruce
USA 1881-1936
Painting Still Life
Oil and pencil on canvas

Paul Klee 
Switzerland/Italy  1879-1940
Nordlicher Ort (Northern Village)
Watercolour on paper on cardboard

"For me, the subject and the background have the same value. Neither is more important than the other. Only the composition, the general pattern counts." - Henri Matisse

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