Thursday, July 15, 2010

ZARA Down Under

ZARA and H&M: Coming to an Australian High Street Near You
Hold on to your credit cards! The super fashionable, super successful Spanish retailer is set to open in Melbourne or Sydney by 2011 according to reports. ZARA is probably the number one success story in their category, in women's fashion, for at least a decade. I would predict that in Australia, they will have the same success. When ZARA opened a store in China last year, apparently it just murdered everything around it! Local fashion retailers will need to prepare themselves for the new competition. H&M is also expected to announce the opening of their first store down under, and the southern hemisphere. ZARA and H&M's arrival is expected to threaten Australia's Country Road, Witchery, and CUE. It will only be a matter of time before TopShop and Banana Republic follow! How exciting! It's brilliant news for frustrated shoppers like you and me tired of paying too much for inferior clothes by some poor Australia high street brands. It's what my girlfriends and I complain about too many times before thinking about racking up expensive air miles to New York city or Hong Kong, just for the sole purpose of shopping for affordable and gorgeous clothes.

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