Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Boy Meets Girl

I'm not gender-confused. I'm a princess to the core. I don't actually want to look like a man. I just like unisex clothes, and androgynous looks. Hey, I even like unisex names, and will be naming my kids Taylor, Jesse, London, Harper, Hayden, Ashleigh, Blaire, Reese and Noa. (Androgynous, definition: Uniting both sexes in one, or having the characteristics of both male and female.) I think I have a androgynous-driven wardrobe, to satisfy the sharp dandy in me. For example, oversized T-shirts, lace-up brogues/oxfords, bowler hats, distressed boyfriend jeans, tuxedo jackets, masculine high-waisted pants with feminine draping (a little more structured than a harem), jodhpurs, double-breasted waistcoat and leather biker jackets.
Moreover, when I design, style or draw, I find that I enjoy blurring the lines. I like to draw inspiration from menswear from the past, more often than by womenswear in the history of fashion. I like to play around with masculinity and femininity clothing because I think there is something quite fierce and sexy about this!

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