Monday, August 2, 2010


Dear girl with knee-high green and black socks humming "Shape of my heart" next to me on the train this morning,
Even when we went our separate ways, I kept singing the song to myself because you successfully got it stuck in my head. It brought me back memories.

Dear quiet emo boy in lecture,
I was worried when you were alone first week of semester, but I'm glad you've made friends. I really like your hair. Complicated hair for complicated feelings. I also liked your grey beanie today.

Dear spider on the wall,
You were crawling way too close to me today. All I could do was lean very, very far away from you and hope I didn't look too awkward. Also thank you for disappearing suddenly. I had to keep checking my hair to make sure you weren't somewhere in there.

Dear friendly boy with pierced eye-brows,
You made my day when you asked me how I was. Sorry if I came across as rude, I'm just socially awkward. Oh, and you have really enviable skin.

Dear Ryuichi Sakamoto,
You are brilliant. Thank you for creating beautiful music for my imaginations to run wild, especially my train ride home after a long day. Today one of your songs reminded me of two lovers regrettably saying farewell to each other at the station platform, the last whistle blows and the steam train is about to leave. It made me sad.
Dear self,
Get organised! Start getting to bed earlier so you can write better notes. Looking down at my notes, I have no idea what it says, they're just scribbles. You worry me. And your face is pudgy, lose some weight!

Dear freezing cold wind,
You make my ears want to fall off, and you definitely make it hard to get out of bed in the mornings thanks to my ice box bedroom, but stick around... you make everything so much better.

Dear David Ahn, Sarah Mckenzie, and Jade Holdsworth,
Happy Birthday.

Dear future husband,
Wherever you are, keep warm, don't catch a cold. Hope you've watched 'Inception' and liked it as much as I did. Enjoy the rest of the week. Remember to take an umbrella tomorrow. Are you even in Sydney?

Dear God,
You are an awesome designer. The best I know.

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NH88 said...

love the friendly boy ^^

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